Solar and wind – distributive energy systems – are investments you should trust. They should be well planned, designed right and built to last. We’ve implemented turnkey systems for over 20 years and can help you navigate the design and build process to fit your expected results and return on investment.

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We can help you navigate everything from federal tax credits and Oklahoma energy rate implications, to full system install and long-term maintenance concerns. From hourly consultation to fixed cost designs and builds, for on-grid & off-grid benefits, Ion is your trusted and local solar consultant.

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If you have an existing solar or wind system, our technicians can help diagnose problems with your system as well as help you plan capitol improvements to improve performance or increase your investment returns.

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Latest Solar News from Ion
  • Green Oklahoma 2015 Its such an honor to be nominated… be sure to vote for us!
  • Major rate hikes to electric rates in Oklahoma Okla. — OG&E customers’ rates may be soaring soon – 15 to 20 percent – if regulators at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission sign off on the utility company’s requests.
  • 2015 Home and Garden Show Be sure to find us at the Tulsa Home and Garden Show! You can find our booth here.
  • German researchers create a lithium-ion battery that retains 85% of its capacity after 10,000 charges “…This means that an electric car with those batteries could be fully charged every day for about 27.4 years and still be going strong (chances are the rest of the car would need to be replaced before the battery). Large battery cells could also be used to store power from wind and solar systems (unless ...
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Solar Water Heating Systems – Everything You Wanted to Know About Solar Water Heating Systems via “Solar water heating systems are different than solar electric systems. Where solar electric systems use the sun’s energy to generate power for your home (like your refrigerator or lights), solar water heating systems pump hot water, heated by the sun, into your home.” Read ...
Ion is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and uses the highest quality equipment from the USA. We provide Solar, Wind, Generator, and Battery solutions across Northeast Oklahoma and the surrounding area.
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